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The Art of Recycling

January 8, 2015

Marketing Strategy: Recycling is Mainstream America

Recycling Bin: DeepStream 3Form Bear Grass Recycling and Trash Bin

In the fiercely competitive marketing wars for the customer’s share of mind, successful brand owners know that no positive aspect of brand awareness or affiliation can be overlooked, lest their brand be at a competitive disadvantage.

Studies show that Americans are very aware that recycling is the right thing to do, and that Americans of every age and background wish to participate and do their part.  Businesses and products that support recycling generate positive brand recognition with both current and potential customers.

The easier you can make it for people to Recycle, or dispose of trash appropriately, the more often people will do so.  Making it easier for people to dispose of waste appropriately boils down to offering more opportunities.

Recycling Bin: DeepStream 3Form Recycled Glass Trash Bin

Many companies have invested heavily in creating brand awareness, not only for their products, but also in creating their points of contact with customers.  Businesses with large investments in bricks and mortar create brand awareness in their customers’ minds by creating strategic infrastructure that distinguishes them from their competition.

DeepStreams’ attractive bins are not an expense, they are an investment in brand image underwritten by a reduction in your maintenance budget and long term capital depreciation costs.

DeepStream 3Form Banana Fiber Recycler

3 Form Recycling Bin: DeepStream creates recycling and trash bin solutions to meet your design goals

Given the industrial and mass-produced look of many recycling bins, it is not surprising that many businesses are reluctant to add prominent points of disposal because these choices may actually detract from their carefully orchestrated image.

Recycling Bin: DeepStream Recycling Bin made with 3Form

DeepStream Designs has created a proprietary recycling and trash bin system that makes its products as individual and as identifiable as its customers’ brands, properties, or programs.

Recycling Bin: DeepStream Navy Project Planet Ocean Triple  Recycling Bin

DeepStream realizes that it only looks as good as its product does on a customer’s property.  DeepStream partners with its customers not only by creating recycling and trash bins with the exact look that its customers are looking for, but also by using sustainable design principles when creating its products so that maintenance is minimalized and all parts are easily replaceable and recyclable.

Wood Trash & Recycling Receptacle  DeepStream at Ritz Carlton

DeepStream’s unique “Core Replacement Program” supports its customers in maintaining the fresh look of these high volume points of customer contact.  This program makes replacement parts available at direct manufacturer’s cost so that its products never need to be replaced.  If the look of the company’s brand or property changes, the look of the bins can easily be changed to support the new marketing direction, and at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Wood Trash Receptacle: DeepStream Oahu Trash Bin


Wood Trash & Recycling Receptacle: DeepStream Audubon Trash and Recycling Bin


Designer Recycling Bin: DeepStream’s Ipe Wood Recycling bin at the Elis, a boutique hotel

Wood Trash Receptacle:  beautiful wood Trash Bin with Ash

Recycling Bin: The Ultimate Recycling Statement: Recycled Plastic Lumber

Trash Bin: beautiful Trash Bin made with natural slate by Eric, an American Craftsman and US Marine Vet, at DeepStream Designs for Trump International Sunny Isle Beach

Wood Trash Receptacle & Recycling Bin:  Oahu by DeepStream Designs at Aulani Oahu

Wood Trash Receptacle by DeepStream Designs at Aulani Oahu

DeepStream’s latest design uses the same design principal as the Audubon, OPUS, and Oahu recyclers and trash bins but in a round form.  Various graphics can be affixed to and  inner graphics shell to give your bins a custom look at an affordable price.   They can be easily updated with new graphics at any time for a very low cost and the stainless steel frame is built to last virtually forever.  All components can  be easily recycled.

Nice Trash and Recylcing Bin by DeepStream Designs Celtic Weave in Oil Rubbed Bronze and Bubinga Wood Shown

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