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Custom Fixtures created using the principles of Sustainable Design

February 2, 2017

DeepStream Designs created flexible design components that allow it to meet customers unique requirements while using 100% recycled or recyclable and replaceable components. 

Here are two very different valet stands that use the same materials and components 

Valet Stand

Common components include stainless steel top, recycled plastic lumber, marine anodized aircraft aluminum.

Valet Stand  Valet Stand

Dark Gray weatherproof and maintenance free recycled plastic lumber is used in the large Valet Stand above and Tropical Hardwood color below.

Valet Stand Valet Stand

The same components are used to create the Locker Cabinet below

Locker Cabinate

The movable Towel Shelf with Towel Return Bins with casters below uses Cumaru wood instead of recycled plastic lumber.

Hotel Towel Shelf with Return Bin   Hotel Towel Shelf with Return Bin



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